Weekend Update: We had visitors and it was GREAT!


Yesterday I spoke about the happy vibes I’m feeling lately. Think my weekend contributed to this surge of happiness I’m feeling. I had the ladies from my church group over for lunch and drinks on Saturday, which turned out to be a great gathering. The thought of having people come over meant I cleaned the house more efficiently and put little welcoming touches. I would like to continue doing this even when I don’t have visitors because it puts a lovely atmosphere to our home. My nieces also came over which meant my kids had playmates for the whole weekend, a rare occurrence. It was great seeing them bond albeit the many squabbles we had to intervene in.

Sunday was mostly spent at church, at a fundraising conference. Nothing like praying ladies to get you uplifted. One of my sweet friends baked cookies for my family, which was a great treat after a busy weekend.

I realised I love having people over and playing hostess. I should do this more often.

How about you? How was your weekend?