Know that Potential Unexpressed Turns to Pain

I was reading an article on written by Robin Sharma the other day – 62 Fast Tips to Get UnStuck – very insightful tips. The one that stood out for me was: “Know that potential unexpressed turns to pain.” A dream that you have but never pursue can bring so much pain and unrest to your life. Like an unscratched itch, it will continue to bother you… thinking whether or not you could have made it come true. It’s always best to pursue your dreams and even fail than to let them just be a potential that you never seized.

Pursue your Dreams
Pursue your Dreams

Often the reason for not living up to our potential is based on the fear of the unknown. We create so many scary scenarios in our minds, enough to cripple any required action. Take me for instance; I’ve been trying for the longest time to pursue my artistic dream. I know I’m talented but after I completed my Fine Arts Diploma, it’s become such a mission to complete even one drawing. My excuse is not having enough time with all the daily things I have to do. But the longing for that dream never goes away. Being this talented and not pursuing my dream is a waste and I know it. That knowledge gnaws at me and will continue to do so until I just get up and do what needs to be done to realise my dream.

Unexpressed potential truly is a pain…especially if you know what you’re capable of. Reach your potential and pursue more of your dreams. Challenge yourself to see how far your dreams will take you.