Oh the beauty that was Cape Town

22091727_10212806219461742_1013500580_n - Copy
Getting some sunshine at the beach in Camps Bay. The water was so cold though.
IMG_5932 - Copy
We visited Robben Island.
IMG_6007 - Copy
A view of Table Mountain while we were at the Waterfront.
IMG_6066 - Copy
Sitting on my throne in Camps Bay.
IMG_6165 - Copy
The top of Table Mountain, the best place to see the views of the Mother City
IMG_6013 - Copy
Some down time at the Waterfront.
IMG_6176 - Copy
I wasn’t going to leave Cape Town without this shot at Sea Point.

I just got back from what I’ve termed my #MommyCapetation. I was a bit nervous leaving my babies behind but this was some much needed Mommy time. Cape Town is a beautiful city and is a wealth of great views. I will definitely return with my brood to explore more of the Mother City.


What I learned from a week of daily photos

So I began taking daily photos of myself and posting them on Facebook and Whatsapp for the past week. What an emotional roller coaster it’s been. Here’s what I’ve learned about putting yourself out there:


My hat and colour coordination caused a stir…I realised I have my own kind of style that the world sometimes doesn’t get. Oh well, this is me channeling my inner-Rihanna! These red shoes make me feel great when I’m wearing them.



This was a fun play on facial expressions. I’m rocking my natural ponytail with nerdy glasses.



Boy did these sparkly shoes cause a stir, something else that I like that the world doesn’t get. These shoes light up my world 🙂



This look was a hit with the masses. The hairstyle reminded me of my high school days.



These pants are a great discovery, they fit well. Comfort and style – two birds with one stone!



Since my weekends are spent mostly with my kids, decided to throw in a #MommySelfie in the mix. Still love this lip colour.




Closed the week off shining the light on my Divas! They do it better than Mommy.



This was fun…should I continue taking pictures for the month? What do you think?

32 things that made my 32nd year (04 March 2014 – 2015)

1. I went to Durban (Margate) for a family holiday for the first time.
2. I got the job of my dreams.
3. Took out most of the carpets in our house.
4. Had a birthday party for my two year old Tshepi.
5. Had a birthday party for my eight year old Tshiamo.
6. Baked a two-tier cake for the first time and aced it!
7. Baked another two-tier cake and it came out even better.
8. I finished a portrait of my grandmother (paternal), framed it and delivered it to her.
9. I moved to Pretoria for two months and came back home.
10. I won a ticket to go see Robin Sharma live.
11. I braided my hair with blonde hairpiece (so over that now!)
12. I started blogging however irregularly!
13. I was part of the national elections 7 May 2014.
14. I facilitated training for the elections and did a lot of presentations. Got great feedback from those!
15. Took the kids to the zoo in Pretoria.
16. Went to the Kaya FM Family day with the girls and their aunt and cousin.
17. Lived with my favourite cousin for a month.
18. I enjoyed my own company and stopped stressing about people who didn’t want to spend time with me.
19. I let people go if they wanted to be out of my life. I stopped pursuing those who left.
20. I took more risks, moving my whole family and stuck it out for two months.
21. I organised all my recipes into files.
22. I experimented more with my cooking.
23. Learnt how to use In Design.
24. Grew my hair long.
25. I was officially ordained as a member of our church’s Ladies Fellowship.
26. I prayed for my dreams.
27. I finally sorted my issues with my partner Mpho and went back to the loving part of our relationship.
28. My little sister Mbali got married and I helped her plan her wedding.
29. Made a wedding tree with guests’ finger prints.
30. I read and bought Robin Sharma’s The Monk who sold his Ferrari.
31. I read and bought Robin Sharma’s Leader without a Title.
32. I read and bought Love Does by Bob Goff.

Cliche but TRUE…

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how short life really is. I know it’s a cliche but do we really comprehend what a brief time we have here? Today someone who planned to do something didn’t wake up or get to see their loved ones again. Let’s appreciate the time we have and use it wisely.

Monochrome – all about the black and white…

I’ve been thinking about the direction I want this blog to take but the planning stages in my head are taking too long. So I’m just going to start putting my favourite things together and take it from there. Today I want to explore my love for all things black and white. I’m a monochrome baby, I love prints and patterns that are black and white. On some days I literally live in the colours black and white. I love the contrast of the two colours.

It’s always been my dream to have a checkerboard sort of flooring for my house one day.

checker board flooring
checker board flooring

I can never resist a pinstripe shirt, I’m always drawn to stripes.

zebra stripes
zebra stripes

Babies in polka dots just ooze cuteness don’t you think?

baby in polka dots
baby in polka dots

How about a black and white manicure, doesn’t this just look classy to you?

black and white nails
black and white nails

Check out my new Monochrome Pinterest board.

It’s been great connecting with you.