Fresh off my easel

This is a recent drawing that I finished. I used charcoal pencil and pastels on white cartridge paper. Size of the drawing is A1. #keamomlangeniart


Say CHEESE!!! Fun family photo shoot.

Our family did a photo shoot with Belinda Botha Photography and the pictures came out perfectly. It’s really great how she was able to capture our family – I’m very happy with the results. I can’t stop beaming at all these shots. I’ve posted some of my favourites here.

Family photo shoots are fun. It’s great to dress up and strike a pose with your loved ones. You create memories that you can come back to over and over again. Once you have the photos there are so many things you can do with them. As a social media fanatic, I love sharing pictures of my family – my people are awesome.  You can document how your children are growing.

I’m going to be creating a photo coffee table book out of all these images, like an annual family year book.

Family photo shoot
Family photo shoot
Family photo shoot
Family photo shoot
Family fun
Family fun

Weekend Update: We had visitors and it was GREAT!


Yesterday I spoke about the happy vibes I’m feeling lately. Think my weekend contributed to this surge of happiness I’m feeling. I had the ladies from my church group over for lunch and drinks on Saturday, which turned out to be a great gathering. The thought of having people come over meant I cleaned the house more efficiently and put little welcoming touches. I would like to continue doing this even when I don’t have visitors because it puts a lovely atmosphere to our home. My nieces also came over which meant my kids had playmates for the whole weekend, a rare occurrence. It was great seeing them bond albeit the many squabbles we had to intervene in.

Sunday was mostly spent at church, at a fundraising conference. Nothing like praying ladies to get you uplifted. One of my sweet friends baked cookies for my family, which was a great treat after a busy weekend.

I realised I love having people over and playing hostess. I should do this more often.

How about you? How was your weekend?

Weekend Update – Restoration


I was feeling so weary before Mother’s Day, I guess the toll of waking up early and braving the cold were getting to me. However, my weekend restored me. I got in a little pampering to awaken my girly side – nothing like pink toe nails to get a girl smiling. I went to see my little sisters; one of them hadn’t been feeling well. My kids tagged along and put in some aunt time.

Mother’s Day was mostly spent at church, just what my mommy soul was looking for. It started off with Mr Man making breakfast 🙂 for Mother’s Day…then we had load shedding, mid-preparation of lunch. The sermon at church spoke to my heart, reminding me what a precious calling being a mother is. So I’ve resolved to get back on the mommy bandwagon and find ways to bring beauty in with mini-breaks along this journey so that I don’t find myself on the dark side too many times. We still have tantrums and run-ins with the divas but I’m praying for patience and appreciation for my family.

My two-year old got to bond with her cousin, giggling and fighting after weeks of not seeing each other. My oldest spent the night at her grams with her aunties. We were all reunited Sunday night with a movie. I finished the day off with some ironing done for the week.

This week I feel more loving. Totally restored!

Wishing you a great week ahead 🙂

Ode to Motherhood

I love my kids don’t get me wrong but sometimes being a mother is hard. So many people judge you based on what their idea of motherhood is. Some days I wish I could go to the toilet by myself with no interruption. Sometimes I resent my kids for having tantrums. I don’t wake up immediately when they call out for me. I delay getting out of bed to make them breakfast. Sometimes their socks don’t match because I didn’t do the laundry on time. Their hair will look a mess because I’m tired of fighting to get a brush in.

Most days I impose myself on them, my way or the highway.  Finding strength to make dinner and have no one eat can shatter your mom-esteem. I go to work and I never see them wake up. Some days they’re sleeping when I come home. My house is a mess because I haven’t cleaned in a while…it’s not a health hazard but not ideal either.

Sure I have my ideals that I want to live up to. All mothers want to give their kids the best. I struggle with knowing when to cook for them or fold laundry. My two year old will literally scream herself to death to get my attention. I swear the neighbours think I’m abusing those kids.

I love my kids don’t get me wrong but sometimes being a mother is hard. But then I think what if I didn’t have them in my life, I would be more put together but my life would be empty. There would be no-one running around the house looking for me. No-one who thought getting a hug from me is their biggest comfort ever. I would go to the toilet myself yeah but no-one would be in that much of a hurry to tell me about their days. There’d be no-one to dress up. No-one to love me with the same fiery love that my kids love me with. They don’t have a perfect mom, maybe they never will but I’m theirs to have forever.

Book Review: 168 hours, you have more time than you think, by Laura Vanderkam


I’ve been obsessed with using my time wisely because commuting long distance has really shortened my days in extreme ways. I needed to find a way to still interact meaningfully with my girls even if I’m away most of the day. And then I discovered Laura Vanderkam’s 168 hours, I devoured this book within a week (168 hours = one week for those who didn’t know). What valuable insight it has…I would recommend this to anyone who’s ever thought: “I don’t have enough time for…” Since reading this book and blog posts from Laura I’ve reclaimed my art making time. I’ve made it non-negotiable to skip making art in my life – I made it my “core competency” as Laura calls finding two or three things that really matter to you.

I’m working on my “List of 100 things”, which I can maybe overlap with my artist dates. I’m ticking more boxes in my to-do list and it feels great. I’m also looking at how to engage my girls more, even if it’s just for 30 minutes.

If you feel pressed for time and always in a rush, read this book and start tracking where your time really goes. And then start making the necessary changes!

Happy reading!