Book Review: 168 hours, you have more time than you think, by Laura Vanderkam


I’ve been obsessed with using my time wisely because commuting long distance has really shortened my days in extreme ways. I needed to find a way to still interact meaningfully with my girls even if I’m away most of the day. And then I discovered Laura Vanderkam’s 168 hours, I devoured this book within a week (168 hours = one week for those who didn’t know). What valuable insight it has…I would recommend this to anyone who’s ever thought: “I don’t have enough time for…” Since reading this book and blog posts from Laura I’ve reclaimed my art making time. I’ve made it non-negotiable to skip making art in my life – I made it my “core competency” as Laura calls finding two or three things that really matter to you.

I’m working on my “List of 100 things”, which I can maybe overlap with my artist dates. I’m ticking more boxes in my to-do list and it feels great. I’m also looking at how to engage my girls more, even if it’s just for 30 minutes.

If you feel pressed for time and always in a rush, read this book and start tracking where your time really goes. And then start making the necessary changes!

Happy reading!


Live…truly live!

Today I just found out that one of my dear uncles (a family friend we grew up knowing as an uncle) has passed on. Again I’m thinking about the unpredictability of life. Are you living your life or just going through the motions? Are you giving your dreams a chance? Are you spending enough time on the things that make you happy? Are you really happy? Are you living or surviving? Take a moment to think about what would happen if you were just yourself today and that was enough. Living in the fullness of this moment and seeing all the beauty around you. Really seeing and appreciating all that you have. Try to just live like you mean it today 🙂

Book Review: Have a New Husband by Friday – Dr Kevin Leman

Have a New Husband by Friday - Dr Kevin Leman
Have a New Husband by Friday – Dr Kevin Leman

I’ve just finished reading Dr Kevin Leman’s Have a New Husband by Friday. I like Dr Leman’s practical advice on how to get your man on your side.  This book helped me understand the psyche of men better however I’m still getting there when it comes to being the one who must get the ball rolling for results. My favourite line in the book: “well…you married him.” I would recommend Have a New Husband by Friday to any woman seeking to understand her man better. The title fools you into thinking you can change your man, until you realise that it must first start with you changing your approach. A great read, I always enjoy Dr Leman’s anecdotes coupled with great advice.