32 things that made my 32nd year (04 March 2014 – 2015)

1. I went to Durban (Margate) for a family holiday for the first time.
2. I got the job of my dreams.
3. Took out most of the carpets in our house.
4. Had a birthday party for my two year old Tshepi.
5. Had a birthday party for my eight year old Tshiamo.
6. Baked a two-tier cake for the first time and aced it!
7. Baked another two-tier cake and it came out even better.
8. I finished a portrait of my grandmother (paternal), framed it and delivered it to her.
9. I moved to Pretoria for two months and came back home.
10. I won a ticket to go see Robin Sharma live.
11. I braided my hair with blonde hairpiece (so over that now!)
12. I started blogging however irregularly!
13. I was part of the national elections 7 May 2014.
14. I facilitated training for the elections and did a lot of presentations. Got great feedback from those!
15. Took the kids to the zoo in Pretoria.
16. Went to the Kaya FM Family day with the girls and their aunt and cousin.
17. Lived with my favourite cousin for a month.
18. I enjoyed my own company and stopped stressing about people who didn’t want to spend time with me.
19. I let people go if they wanted to be out of my life. I stopped pursuing those who left.
20. I took more risks, moving my whole family and stuck it out for two months.
21. I organised all my recipes into files.
22. I experimented more with my cooking.
23. Learnt how to use In Design.
24. Grew my hair long.
25. I was officially ordained as a member of our church’s Ladies Fellowship.
26. I prayed for my dreams.
27. I finally sorted my issues with my partner Mpho and went back to the loving part of our relationship.
28. My little sister Mbali got married and I helped her plan her wedding.
29. Made a wedding tree with guests’ finger prints.
30. I read and bought Robin Sharma’s The Monk who sold his Ferrari.
31. I read and bought Robin Sharma’s Leader without a Title.
32. I read and bought Love Does by Bob Goff.