Think I was made for the sea…

I enjoyed our recent trip to the beach with my family so much, it was just what we needed. We retreated to a little seaside nook called AJ’s Guesthouse in Margate and enjoyed a spectacular time together. Getting there was a feat however because we opted to travel from Durban to Margate by local taxis…an adventure on its own but a truly South African experience.

Margate Wild Coast
Margate Wild Coast

Travelling with your family is an eye opener, it’s great to experience new things together and establishing ways to work together as a unit when presented with challenges. The kids are exposed to something new to the ordinary.

Family Beach Holiday
Family Beach Holiday

My highlights were waking up and knowing that the beach was nearby. Cooking meals for my family is always something I enjoy, we stayed in a self-catering cottage. The wild coast and its sandy beach was quite refreshing, although the water turned volatile at certain times of the day.

Overall, Vitamin SEA was just what we needed!

Vitamin Sea
Vitamin Sea

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