Monochrome – all about the black and white…

I’ve been thinking about the direction I want this blog to take but the planning stages in my head are taking too long. So I’m just going to start putting my favourite things together and take it from there. Today I want to explore my love for all things black and white. I’m a monochrome baby, I love prints and patterns that are black and white. On some days I literally live in the colours black and white. I love the contrast of the two colours.

It’s always been my dream to have a checkerboard sort of flooring for my house one day.

checker board flooring
checker board flooring

I can never resist a pinstripe shirt, I’m always drawn to stripes.

zebra stripes
zebra stripes

Babies in polka dots just ooze cuteness don’t you think?

baby in polka dots
baby in polka dots

How about a black and white manicure, doesn’t this just look classy to you?

black and white nails
black and white nails

Check out my new Monochrome Pinterest board.

It’s been great connecting with you.


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